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Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Essentials Starter Set - Baby Brands 4 U - 1

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Essentials Starter Set


Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Essentials Starter Kit

Closer to Nature Essentials Starter Kit
Everything you need to start bottle feeding
Everything You Need to Start Bottle Feeding

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Essentials Starter Kit contains everything you need to make baby feeding straightforward. The style-conscious and streamlined electric steriliser is fast and easy to use, while the travel steriliser, small enough to fit in a changing bag, ensures you are never without a sterilised bottle.

The Essentials Starter Kit also contains the award-winning Closer to Nature bottles, in 150 ml and 260 ml sizes, designed to make switching between breast and bottle feeding easier than ever before.

To get the most out of your bottles, the Essentials Starter Kit contains milk powder dispensers, medium flow Closer to Nature teats, a bottle and teat brush, a set of teat tongs and even one of Tommee Tippee's range of 0-3 months pure soothers.

Slimline shape
Holds six bottles
Quick-cycle sterilising phase
Electric Steam Steriliser

The Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Steriliser is streamlined with a host of key features. The sleek and clean-looking oval shape takes up minimal space on the kitchen worktop.

The Tommee Tippee Electric Steriliser has an allowable gap in the lid that allows for expansion when heating; without this, the lid is liable to pop off during cycle. The lid, which does not need to be air tight, also has air holes to allow the steam to escape.

The steriliser has been designed such that it eliminates all bacteria inside the steriliser. Bacteria will only grow inside if the bacteria is transferred into the steriliser through touch or if there is something on the bottle for it to grow on, which would not be the case as the bottles should have been washed prior to being loaded into the unit. This has also been tested independently.

Electric Bottle and Food Warmer

The Tommee Tippee Electric bottle and Food warmer makes it quick and easy to heat bottles and baby food safely, while helping to preserve the nutrients that are vital to your baby's healthy development. Just place your bottle or food jar in the warmer, then use the control dial to adjust the temperature in accordance with the instructions.


The extra-wide teat on all Closer to Nature bottles works good, flexing and stretching to mimic the natural look and feel of a mother's breast to make bottle feeding easier.

Why Choose Tommee Tippee?

Tommee Tippee, from the UK-based Mayborn Group, is one of the popular brand of baby feeding accessories in the UK and one of the top brands of infant products and accessories in the global market. Loved by parents and children alike, Tommee Tippee has received numerous brand accolades in the UK, including top ranks in the prestigious Mother and Baby Awards, a head-to-head assessment of competitive products voted by mothers themselves.


If the cycle time on the steriliser is greater than five minutes, there are two possibilities. Firstly, too much water may have been added. Only 80 ml is required - there is a marking on the bottles that can be used.

Alternatively, limescale may have built up on the heating plate. The plate is deliberately visible in the steriliser design and the unit must be cleaned at least fortnightly (more frequently in hard water areas). Allowing limescale to build will have a detrimental effect on the performance of the unit.

Teat Collapse Resolution

There are two reasons a teat may collapse. One is an indication that your baby is ready for a faster flowing teat and may be sucking so hard that the teat cannot release air fast enough and collapses. The other is that the Easivent teats are made from very soft silicone, therefore over time the silicone can remould when not in use.

You will have noticed a small tent-like vent on the inside of the teat - this should have a small slit along which allows the airflow through the bottle and if this remoulds it will cause the teat to collapse during a feed. Please see the diagram below that may help, which is also highlighted on the front of the instructions.

All you need to do to rectify this problem is to rub the valve between your finger and thumb until the slit reopens. You will only need to do this once and the teat should then function as normal.

Teat collapse resolution
For best results, make sure this valve can open


Box Contains

1 x closer to nature Electric Steam Steriliser
1 x closer to nature Electric Bottle Warmer
4 x closer to nature 260ml bottles
4 x closer to nature 150ml bottles
2 x Easivent Medium Flow Teats
6 x Milk Powser Dispensers
2 x Insulated Bottle Bags
1 x Bottle and Teat Brush
1 x Teat Tongs
1 x Pure Soother 0-3months

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