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Snufflebabe 15 ml Boxed Nasal Aspirator - Baby Brands 4 U - 1

Snufflebabe 15 ml Boxed Nasal Aspirator


Snufflebabe aspirator boxed uses physical method to unblock your baby's nose for an easy breathing and immediate relief from the congestion. Nasal congestion can be very discomforting for the new-borns, affecting their normal sleeping patterns and eating habits. It helps your kid to breathe normally by clearing the nasal passage and allowing him to sleep and eat properly without any discomfort. It consists of a suction device that helps in physical clearing the mucus clogging the nasal passage. As you suck the mucus through the hygienic mouthpiece, it gets collected in a leak-proof and sealed chamber.. Clears noses too small to blow. Helps physically clear your baby's nose for instant relief from congestion

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