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Pampers Active Fit Size 4 (Maxi) Monthly Pack of 168 Nappies - Baby Brands 4 U - 1

Pampers Active Fit Nappies


Pampers Active Fit Nappies

Your baby is growing quickly into a keen explorer and that’s something to encourage. What babies see as play is actually their own way of making sense of the world. Pampers active fit nappies from the premium protection range are Pampers’ driest, one of the best-fitting nappies. They have stretchier sides than ordinary nappies that comfortably adapt however your baby bends, twists and turns - they were voted Nappy product of the year 2015 in the UK and Ireland*. Try Pampers’ driest, one of the best-fitting nappy so your baby is able to crawl, climb and explore their world undisturbed.

Pampers premium protection active fit nappies work in combination with Pampers sensitive wipes, which are designed to clean delicate skin gently.

Pampers monthly saving pack makes nappy shopping easy and more convenient to give you more time to spend on things that really matter. Select the right nappy size for your baby and Pampers will pack a whole month's supply of your favourite nappies into one box, delivered right to your door.

Available Pack Sizes:

Size 4 (Maxi) (7-18 kg/15-40 lbs) - 168 Nappies

Size 4+ (Maxi Plus)  (9-20 kg/20-44 lbs) - 140 Nappies

Size 5 (Junior) (11-25 kg/24-55 lbs) - 136 Nappies

Size 5+ (Junior Plus) (13-27 kg/29-60 lbs) - 124 Nappies

Size 6 (Extra Large) (15+ kg/33+ lbs) - 120 Nappies


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