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Gumigem Bubba Bag Of Teething Tools - Baby Brands 4 U

Gumigem Bubba Bag Of Teething Tools


Babies LOVE a bag, they love putting things in a bag and taking them out again! They also LOVE to chew on things AND they love to chew on things they are not allowed! So Gumigem have created a range of Bubba Bags! Bags filled with teethers for your little one, full of exciting items they will want!

These bags act as 5 toys in one and are suitable from 10 months right through to the toddler years when they will love nothing more than toddling about with their very own bag! Made of the same soft, flexible, non toxic, washable silicone as Gumigem jewellery, the bag contains the following teething toys:

A chunky saw, great for reaching the molars.

A chunky tape measure with lovely raised numbers which babies love the texture and feel.

A chunky spanner, with bobbly bits which soothe sore gums.

A little persons sized hammer, great for imaginitive play and chomping on with raised and indented textures.

Each toy can be looped onto a dummy clip or toy tie and has a custom slot for this making these great for taking out on the buggy or in the shopping trolly and little boys (or girls) can act like daddy with their own tool set.

All toys carry the CE mark and everything is suitable for 10M+.

They come in a neat little washable neoprene bag, which keeps its shape and sits open leading to fun for the baby to take things in and out of the bag.

These toys will stand the test of time and toddlers will love them too as they waddle about wanting to be just like dad!

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