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Which is the best baby bottle? How do I choose?

It is tough to make the decision to bottle feed and one that should not be judged, there are many reasons you may choose to bottle feed and sometimes its not a choice but a necessity, Whatever the reason for your decision we can help. Most of you will know there is a vast amount of baby bottles on the market but how do you choose the right one for you?

It really does come down to trial and error, what works for one may not work for another but here is our round up of what we think are the best bottles on the market and why.

We review the best baby bottles to help you decide.

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Bottles

Tommee Tippee bottles are extremely popular and have been around for a long time. the brand is known and trusted.

Their Closer to Nature bottles are a good reasonable priced bottle for bottle feeding. They have a wide neck and the teat is designed to mimic the breast making transitioning between breast and bottle easy and helps prevent confusion for those mix feeding.

They have a vent in the teat to help air flow and are suitable to use from birth, you just need to change the teats as your baby grows.

These bottles are a good choice if you do not have a baby who suffers from reflux or severe wind and colic as they are in our opinion not the best anti-colic bottles.  If you have a baby with no feeding issues and are looking either for a bottle to compliment breast feeding or for full bottle feeding then the Tommee Tippee Bottles are a great choice for you.

Rating 7/10


Philips Avent Classic+ Feeding Bottle

Avent are a well known brand of baby equipment and there is no exception to their bottles. They are hugely popular.

The Classic+ feeding bottle has an anti-colic valve included within the teat to help remove air so baby does not swallow this.  They are therefore easy to clean unlike some of the more specialist bottles on the market.

They are good value although not quite as cheap as the Tommee TIppee Bottles but are good value and as a brand which has been around since the 1980's people really trust them.

If you baby is suffering from wind or colic then I would definitely recommend giving these a try before trying some of the more expensive alternatives, they receive good reviews and although hold the same volume as the Tommee TIppee Bottles they are more compact.

Rating 8/10


Dr Brown's Natural Flow Bottles

The Dr Brown's Natural Flow bottles are uniquely designed and clinically proven to reduce colic in infants. 

The design includes an internal vent system with eliminates air and vacuum to the end of the bottle beyond the feed.  This system is tried and tested and does seem to work for many babies, so much so that 9 out of 10 healthcare professionals would recommend them.

The downside to these bottles is cleaning, they have many parts when broken down for cleaning and sterilising and this may not be ideal for some people.

If you can put up with the cleaning then these bottles are a great purchase for those of you with babies suffering from severe wind, colic and reflux. 

They are quite expensive but if you have a baby who is upset with one of these ailments you are willing to try anything regardless of price. They really do work for most and a difference can be seen in as little as 3 feeds.

Rating 9/10


MAM Anti-Colic Self sterilising bottles

These MAM antic-colic bottles are a great idea. They self sterilise in the microwave in just a few minutes which is great when you are in a rush or travelling as you have no need for a large bulky steriliser.

They are very good for babies with wind and colic due to the valve in the bottle of the bottle which sucks out the air, to the point you can actually here it leaving the bottles..

They are not the cheapest but they are not the most expensive either. The downside is cleaning, they come apart into 6 parts, the bottom, the valve, the bottle, the teat and the lid, once cleaned though sterilising is very easy.

If you have a colicky or windy baby but do not want to try the expensive version the MAM anti-colic bottles are definitely worth a try, they come highly recommended and receive excellent reviews, they are slightly easier to clean and sterilise than the Dr Brown's bottles.

Rating 9.5/10


If you do not have a baby with feeding issues we cannot recommend the Tommee TIppee bottles enough for ease of cleaning, sterilising and value for money.

If you have a baby with colic or wind then the decision really comes down to the Mam bottles and Dr Brown's. If price is not an issue and you are not worried about fiddly cleaning then definitely give the Dr Brown's Natural Flow bottles a try and they are clinically proven to work.

If you are looking for something a little cheaper and easier to clean then the MAM anti-colic bottles are the best for you.

Overall Winner

The MAM Anti-colic self sterilising bottle beats the Dr brown's bottles by half a point simply due to the ease of sterilising making them ideal bottles for home and on the go.


N.B - This is our review based on experience with our own babies. Every baby is different and not all bottles will work for each baby, we are just offering our advice on what works best.






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