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Baby bag of bath toys bubba bags Gumigem Teethers teething toy toolbox toys

We are excited to have sourced some of the Gumigem teething products. They really are amazing toys.

We have the bubba bags in stock currently, including the bag for any baby girl who wants to be like mummy, comes complete with car keys, phone, credit card and purse.

The toolbox for any budding DIY enthusiast like daddy. The set includes a saw, hammer, spanner and tape measure.

The bag of bath toys is super cute and totally waterproof making it ideal for bath times and even at the pool or seaside.

Your little one will love to play with these toys, taking them out of the bags and putting them all back again, every babies favourite activity!

They are made of the soft, flexible, non toxic, washable silicone so are perfect for teething.

 Bubba BagBubba Bag of ToolsBubba Bag of Bath Toys

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